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Helpful Information


Licensed professionals provide the massage therapy treatments.


We request that you arrive a few minutes prior to your scheduled treatment.


A shower before your appointment may enhance your enjoyment of the treatment.


Refrain from eating a large meal at least one hour before your treatment and do not arrive under the influence of drugs or alcohol.


A confidential client form will be presented to you at your initial visit so that you may furnish health and other pertinent information.


The therapist will leave the room so you may disrobe and get under the cover provided. Please do not disrobe until the therapist has left the room and only disrobe to a level comfortable for you.


At all times during the treatment, you will remain under the cover with only the part of your body being worked on exposed. Draping is required.


During your massage, please feel free to communicate with your massage therapist about room temperature or the amount of pressure being used. Your comfort is of utmost importance.

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