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Licensed Massage Therapists


Each NY State Licensed Massage Therapist is trained in a variety of massage modalities and a professional, comfortable, and safe environment is ensured.

Mark Roos, LMT, Owner of Body Knead Massage Therapy
Mark Roos, LMT Proprietor

In 1994, Mark chose licensed massage therapy as his second career to more closely align his life’s work to his personality.  Although the printing industry was good to him from 1975-1993, the constant deadlines and hectic nature of estimating were wearisome.  He finds working one-on-one in a quiet, calm environment much more satisfying. One type of massage is not right for every person nor can it solve every problem. That is why a session with Mark is specifically designed to meet the needs of each client, integrating techniques to reduce stress, promote health and wellness and, more often than not, to alleviate myofascial components of pain.


 New York State and Florida State licensed since 1994. 

Member of the American Massage Therapy Association.

Body Knead Massage Therapists are dedicated to providing the best possible massage for you to achieve your health goals.

Whether you come to us because of tired and sore muscles, for relief from tension and stress, or to support your fitness or athletic program…

Whether you find deep pressure effective or prefer a lighter touch…

You can expect that we will customize each massage session integrating various techniques and give you our full attention.

Ultimately, our presence, along with skill, knowledge and intuition, in a calm and professional environment, will be the key to our success.

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